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Law enforcement officers perform a critical role in keeping our communities safe, and they do it with quiet dignity, courage and compassion. We need to back them up with our support.


Our True Heroes is a grassroots movement to honor the men and women who carry a badge. Our goal is to tell the stories of everyday American heroes who put their lives on the line so that our communities are safe. We believe that the more Americans hear about these acts of courage and kindness, the more communities will work together to solve their challenges.


This photo of an officer comforting a baby went viral. But there’s more to the story.

By the time Michelle Burton and a dozen other Birmingham, Ala., police officers arrived at an apartment, it was too late to save ... Read More

West Virginia state troopers care for child found covered in vomit

(CNN) It must have been a heartbreaking sight during a routine traffic stop — a baby in the backseat, covered in vomit. But no ... Read More


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Our True Heroes